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Live Well with Healthe at Cerner


Live Well with Healthe at Cerner


We are all on a health + care journey to obtain our optimal level of health. Throughout the site, you’ll find stories and personal testimonials from those who have been empowered by the Healthe at Cerner programs to change their lives.

To our Cerner family,

We are pleased to provide the 2013 Health Brief containing testimonials of associates who have been empowered to change their lives. As we look back on all that’s happened in the last year or two, we see many great accomplishments. More importantly, as we look ahead to the future, we see exciting opportunities: What’s next?

As a health company, what we do internally for you, your family members and our communities is designed to align with our overall vision, mission and culture. YOU are the reason we continually innovate at the edge of health + care.

We are all on a journey — being healthy is an essential part of living a happy and productive life. Each of us is at a different place on the journey, falling somewhere along the spectrum between health + care. Currently, the U.S. system spends much more on reactive “sick-care” than on proactive “health care” – this is unsustainable. We’d like to disrupt this model, shifting to a more proactive, preventive approach. We want to help you move from care to health — and, so far, the shift is working.

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